Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to my world...

I am going to rip off Spider Jerusalem a bit by saying this but, I hate it here! And no I don't hate everything, just most things. This will be my attempt at a daily blog/rant to save my sanity. I love my wife and my daughter, everything else is up for grabs. So fisrt and foremost, I hate Wal*Mart! Not just the store that is always brimming with toothless retards that can't drive a car much less a buggy, but also my cocksucking employer! That's right assholes, I work for the AntiChrist! I will explain more details later, but really do I need to? Ok...this is an edit to elaborate on my extreme contempt of the Mart, moreso the That's right fuckos, if you bought some shit online then most likely I have fondled it! Creepy huh? But the place is a nazi hellhole that is quite possibly the stem of my increasing hatred towards everything! I am a lowly associate and everything is above my pay grade, my supervisors are retards and my managers make special ed looks like Goddamn physics! Yeah I know, two special people comments. Sue me. Love the drooling bastards though. Now if my managers weren't enough, our GM is an intovert, autistic ghetto douche with no clue on how to actually run a fucking warehouse! And the daily cheer?!? Yes we have to do a gradeschool cheer every Goddamn morning to remind us of where we work and make sure we feel the right amount of degraded. Give me a W-A-L *squiggly* (yes an animated, full body motion SQUIGGLY!) M-A-R-T! There's more but for fuck's sake, really??? I fucking hate it here.

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